Partnership Opportunities
Great partnerships make both parties stronger.
Be part of the dynamic Economic Development in the north.
You can count on our history of successful Economic Development to inform your project's success.

We are proudly pursuing  opportunities that grow Opaskwayak’s wealth, to invest in social programs and support our community.

For millennia, our people have worked, traded and lived in balance with the earth. Today, our success as business leaders in Canada’s North comes from our culture and traditions.

Industries of Interest

On the road ahead, Opaskwayak Business Enterprises is actively engaged in reviewing new opportunities in heavy industry, manufacturing, aerospace, tourism, transportation and logistics and commercial leasing. With projected spending in the billions of dollars annually, we are continuing to aggressively promote a leadership stake in cannabis retail and financing to win market share.

Our Focus

Opaskwayak’s Corporate Plan 2019-2023 maps out a focus on operational efficiencies and competitive choices. We project that organizational improvements and careful investments in growth industries will grow Opaskwayak Business Enterprises revenues to nearly $33M (+9.6%) by 2023.


  • Opaskwayak has decades of business experience in hospitality, retail, fuel service and commercial leasing.
  • We’ve made investments in youth training programs, proper financial management, improving operations and customer satisfaction solutions, recruitment and retention.
  • High-speed Internet connectivity and coordinated digital marketing and communications efforts have increased our capacity for engagement with customers and investors.
  • New systems and processes are improving our risk management and ensuring an appropriate return on business investments.

Download our 2019-2023 Corporate Plan

Our Process for Analyzing and Evaluating Projects

Opaskwayak uses four Business Opportunity Filters to weed out weak business cases and leave time and capacity for great idea.

  1. What are the topline strategic insights that suggest the opportunity has merit?
  2. Will it make Opaskwayak Business Enterprises more competitive? By investing in companies and ventures that focus on being different from the competition, we stand to generate superior customer benefits and, more importantly, earn a possible 20-30% more on investment returns.
  3. What resources are available for this project?
  4. Are there promised returns, and will these returns compensate Opaskwayak for locking up its money over time?
our evaluation process
Is it insight driven? Does it offer a competitive advantage? Are the resource requirements realistic? Are the returns worth the inputs?